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The List (2010).

The List 1. The Small Hours
2. Purple Patch 
3. Bigger Plans
4. The List
5: Wisdom Teeth
6. London
7. Where We Came From 
8. Shade of Blue 
9. Hat in the Ring 
10. a Pack of Hounds
11. The Only One 
12. 21

Album review from Doc X, It's Alive Magazine.

'Hailing from just outside Wolverhampton, 22 year old Sam Draisey lists amongst his influences, Jack Johnson, The Levellers and Cat Stevens, plus several others.  Without knowing this, you can hear these influences in his songwriting. His new album, ‘The List’, is available to download on iTunes or from Amazon. On the track ‘Wisdom Teeth’’, you can for sure hear the Cat Stevens influence on the vocals.  His voice is similar to Cat’s but a little softer and the vocal metering/approach/inflections are quite Cat-ish.  Very stripped down musically – acoustic guitar accompanied by tablas/bongos and the voice,  giving it a light, summery feel (esp. ‘The Small Hours’, with harmonica solo).  An old head on very young shoulders, he writes about subjects and experiences that sprawl over decades, as if he’d lived already and was looking back on a fuller life than he must have had.  His lyrics are quite deep and thoughtful .  It’s hard to call it folk music, because it feels like a slightly more commercial/mainstream sound.  Pleasant and well-balanced, I’d say it was inoffensive, road movie soundtracky.  (If you ever fancy volunteering your music for any short films made locally, give us a shout!) Nice one, Sam.   Keep coming up with material of this standard and you’ll be around for years to come.  V Cat = ‘Where We Came From’.'