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Gigs.                                Past gigs

Here you will find information on all of my upcoming gigs, as well as some reviews of live performances.



'Wolverhampton singer/songwriter Sam Draisey is first support for Ian Parker tonight.  Did not really know what to expect from Sam, ‘acoustic folk-pop’ is not normally a genre that I would queue to see. However I was pleasantly surprised with the depth of feeling and maturity, both on vocal and lyrical levels from this young artist who is so reminiscent of the likes of Cat Stevens and Dylan, so much so that I soon found myself becoming quite engrossed in his performance and extremely disappointed when the short set had to end. So time for the big question “is there a place for Sam’s and ‘acoustic folk-pop’ in today’s present musical climate”?  While Sam keeps writing songs as powerful as “Where we came from” the answer has to be a resounding YES! Sam will be back at The Robin 2 on 11th October supporting the wonderful Lau.  On paper this should be a very good night indeed.  I for one will be there to find out.'

Jason Guest, The Midlands Rocks

'But getting back to tonight, as this is to be an evening of solo acoustic performances who better to kick off events than local singer/songwriter Sam Draisey – who is acquiring quite a notable reputation for himself around these parts. A local lad (from Codsall) his performance style is both confident and captivating – his voice has the kind of warmth that I haven’t heard in a young performer for quite some time, but it’s also a powerful weapon and at times he really lets rip with the emotion. Awesome stuff, I urge you to check him out when he next plays – and also to get hold of his new album, The List (available via iTunes and in physical format through his website).'
Paul Broome, The Midlands Rocks