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Let's Not Grow Old.

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We can’t dance to 'Folsom Prison' when I’m weighed down with the blues
And it seems we can walk forever yet I’m always in your shoes
These shoes I just don’t fit in keep me stumbling ‘till I fall
You just keep on walking, I watch you walking, standing tall
Finally found something that makes me scared to live the life I’d planned
And I’m scared that if I walk that way you’ll let go of my hand
We’ll grow old and grow apart but we’ll get paid and that’s what counts
Leave the world in iron caskets, another name with more amounts
Just to keep the country going, line the pockets of the land
Yeah my name will be forgotten, some will recognise the brand
As the kind who had it all with wood-chipped walls and no TV
But gave it up to chase the dream that left him the poorest rich man in this story
Let’s not grow old
Let’s not grow old
Maybe someday they’ll look back at that face on the front page and they’ll ask
‘What made him smile, why did his smile never change?’
I’ll be no good at giving answers then but the media will do
And the kids will see I blew my chance when I blew my chance with you
I took money, I made money for the life I thought I’d like
Exchanging cars, I’d smoke cigars, but never go home to a wife
So my walls stayed wood-chipped, I never did buy that TV
But I’d often think of you and that life we never did get to lead
How you’d try to make me dance and I’d whisk you off for one of my shows
And you couldn’t always come and then without a thought I’d go alone
Said you’d dance to 'Folsom Prison', for your birthday buy new shoes
And in an instant I could dance with you, if I were to so choose
But I never chose it, I didn’t know that I could blow it all by going alone
Thinking that we’d get ourselves a better home
Just you and me, this kind of dream
A small decision here and I could re-write my whole history
Without growing old
Let’s not grow old
Let’s not grow old
Let’s not grow old