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Who's to Blame?


I used to believe if neither side could agree
the truth must be somewhere in the middle
but lately it seems everybody just screams
rather than looking for answers to the riddle
in a perfect society the way to elect our leaders would be
by choosing who's policies we believe in
but it's not about policies, it's about who keeps their promises
and who can stay honest in the lions' den
but when you're told one's a liar and one's not
and you elected the one who promply packed his bags and cleared off
well they're not, they're not the same
who's to blame?
fool someone once and you're a shameful bunch
then change the leader and fool them once again
when you can bank on their bias, you'll have them singing like choirs
and they'll believe all the lies that you tell them
they're in the palm of your hand, experts be damned
it's all going to plan for your handlers
while you sit and get fat, they'll be watching your back
to stave off attack from your neighbours
but when one runs and hides from scrutiny
and you vote for him anyway because he says the other one's your enemy
well he's not, they're not the same
who's to blame?
and if they really are the same
maybe don't choose the ones who've been in charge for a decade
because they're not, they're not the same
no they're really not, they're not the same
I can't stress this clearly enough, they're not the same
who's to blame?