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Who We Are


Tell me what does it look like?
what is a perfect society to you?
I only ask out of interest
this isn't another song about red vs blue
are you one of those people
who believe with all their heart
that opportunity knocks for everyone
you just need to reach out and start?
or are you someone
who thinks we need a helping hand
that the state should provie for everyone
no matter how tall they stand?
This isn't a song about being there to judge
It's a song about different opinions
And what one man might see as a crutch
Is another man's stick to lean on
Maybe it's time you thought about where you stand
So you can fight your corner and be prepared to lose ground
But in the end, at least we all know who we are
it's not one or the other
it's called a spectrum for a reason
you can't plot a point on a straight line graph
and define a whole belief system
but if you don;t think about it
there's plenty who'll try and do it for you
if you only read in black white and red
then you'll think their way too
but you can blur the edges
you're allowed to pick and choose
and if you fight your corner with passion and understanding
you'll win more than you lose
and you don't have to think like me
God knows, not everyone does
but I'd rather you decide that for yourself
than take advice from those above
Because if we all took a moment to think where we stand
We're less likely to end up kneeling
And when they do some thing that goes against the plan
You'll have the guts to tell them how you're feeling
You can't sleepwalk if you're wide awake
You're an individual, not a five bar gate
And in the end, yeah they'll know who we are
And what one man might see as a crutch is another man's stick to lean on
What one sees as hoarding wealth is another one who's planning for the future
What one man might see as lazy is another who's priorities work differently
But in the end, at least we all know who we are