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I Can't Pretend.

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Well I’ve been skipping on fares and I’ve been standing on trains
And I’ve been sleeping on floors but all that remains
Is the thought that I could never do anything else
Couldn’t shine up my shoes or press up a suit
Or put on a uniform or lace up a boot
I don’t think that it’s anywhere within myself
But that doesn’t mean that I have anything but respect
For someone who can stand up, hand upon their chest
And say they do, but it’s not me, I can’t pretend
So I bounce around from town to town and I miss you along the way
But this is the life I chose so I keep a straight face
Got a picture in my wallet and another one in my car
And sometimes you sat next to me if the journey’s not too far
But all, all I’ve got
Is a stack of petrol station receipts and a poor man’s job
But I’ll keep on, until the end, I can’t pretend
And I thought that all I’d need
Is this guitar in hand and stage beneath my feet
And I thought that all I’d want
Is someone stood in front of me to listen to my songs
And so all, all I’d choose
Is the road to get me from number one and down to number two
But all I really, really want,
All I want is that and you.