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Get On Your Fucking Bike.


Well I don't have a platform, what I do have is these songs
If I can make one person stop and think can't be doing it all wrong
So I don't say this for money or for Facebook likes
if we're gonna save the planet we better get on our fucking bikes
I'd apologise for swearing but the time has passed
for talking diplomatically about saving our own ass
because the polar caps are melting and the forests are on fire
and the scientists are telling us the stakes couldn't be higher
While we sit around and talk about targets we might meet
People's houses are on fire and theyre jumping in the sea
and the sea is getting warmer and there's acid in the rain
there's a decent chance we'll never see a polar bear again
and it's difficult to feel that it's not all doom and gloom
when the President is busy putting soldiers on the moon
And that I child should have the show him the way
Should be a source of constant shame
But there are some things that we can do
to try to help the planet make it through
We can buy less stuff and throw less away
and walk to work and have a vegan day
and boycott the companies who dump stuff in the sea
Because the only thing that they understand is money
and elect the leaders that we trust to make it right
and then tell them to GET ON THEIR FUCKING BIKES!
and if we do all that then we might just see
the start of the next century
yeah if we do all that then we might just see
the start of the next century