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Classroom Politics.

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Well I didn't want you to hear this on the grapevine
but I've decided I want to make you mine
so pick up your hat, put on your coat, gather your bags and things
'cos it's time I made my intentions clear, I want to be your everything
Only wish that I could talk to you to your face
Well I didn't want this to come out on the rumour mill
but the winds of change are blowing and now it won't keep still
and I guess the words out and I am in the house of shame
but it's better out than in I hear they always say
Only wish that I could talk to you to your face
And all these classroom politics are wearing me down
all these god damn social clicks are wearing me out
and it seems you're all the same, you're just playing different games
same girl with a different face
Well I didn't want this to interfere in your life
'cos I barely knew you, was never in your sights
and it's hopelessly ruined now I'm finding myself, drifting out to sea
but you're in a lifeboat, paddling out to help me
so glad that I can talk to you
to your beautifully perfect face